Refund & Terms

Due to the nature of our Digital product (Custom Website & Designs), there is no way to recover the cost spent & time invested put into creating your MCA KIT and/or individual items once we have completed your order. Therefore, we have a strict no refund policy in place. All Sales Are Final. No Refunds. When you make your purchase and complete your order form, you agree to these terms.

 The information you provide on the order form will be used to create your kit so please make sure that your information is correct. The same applies when completing the order form for individual items.

In the event, you need to make changes to your contact information for your website only, there will be a $10 fee per request.

In the event, you need your information changed on your designs, you will be required to place a new order as we will have to re-do the design and/or designs. Meaning we do not save your files so it will be treated as a new order. We do however, offer a Promotional Designs Package, which includes all of our designs, in case your information needs to be updated/changed.

Our website and designs come AS-IS with hosting included. We do not offer SEO or a back office to access your website. We also do not offer editable designs, due to copyright protection.